Lucky Tips Glove
Lucky Tips Glove
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What Are Lucky Tips?

Lucky Tips are a revolutionary casino attire designed with the player's comfort and well-being in mind. Lucky Tips is NOT a glove. The by-product of years of research revealed that too many players felt confined by gloves which limited extended play time. The patent-pending Lucky Tips design takes into account a player's need to feel protected with the freedom of movement required to play long into the night.
Health Tips from the Casino M.D.

Health Tips from the Casino M.D.Healthy

Slot players, by the nature of the game, are at increased risk of coming in contact with unwanted germs. Lucky Tips has you covered where you need to be covered. Its sleek design offers a double-layer of protection on the key fingers used to play the slots.Learn More


With Lucky Tips you'll be able to play longer, play more often and have more opportunity to hit the jackpot. Lucky Tips comes with significant padding on the palm as well as wrist support which will assist in limiting fatigue many players suffer from extended play. Learn More


With Lucky Tips you'll not only look good, but you'll feel good as well. Its secret compartment is the ideal place to keep valuables and lucky charms. Tipping the scale at under one ounce, Lucky Tips is worth its weight in gold. Learn More
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